We all know the drill; Summer time fun can be stifled by getting in to a hot car. Even something as simple as running errands in the summer can result in burned legs.  Parking in the shade isn’t always an option especially at the mall or beach.  And cracking a window does little to slow down the temp in your car. Did you know that the temperature in your car can climb up to 200 degrees depending on how long you leave it? The heat coming through the windows is absorbed by the interior and the glass acts as an insulator. This makes everything in your car a potential for burns especially the scorching leather seats and steering wheel. You and your family are at risk when getting in to a car that has been left in the hot summer sun. → Read more

“I just received a sheepskin rug for a gift but what do I do with it?” Wow. There are so many different ways you can use a single pelt sheepskin rug, besides using it as a rug. Which of course is the obvious. But I know that sometimes it doesn’t make sense to use your gorgeous new plushy gift as something to step on. For instance if you have messy pets or children that frequent the room. I can understand that placing it on the floor may not make sense. → Read more

How are you spending this summer? Check out the many ways Ultimate Sheepskin products can enhance your summer serenity… → Read more

Spring is almost here and it’s time for new beginnings. Time to clear out the old and bring in the new. If for you, that means redecorating your home in some spring colors, then Ultimate Sheepskin has a variety of blues, greens, pinks and lavenders to quench your thirst for some spring-time color. → Read more

Whether you’re an interior designer, architect or just redecorating and wanting something special, Ultimate Sheepskin can take your designs and make them a reality. Truly! If you can envision it, we can manufacture your design in sheepskin. Choose from a variety of colors and textures and make it your own.

Contact us and let us help you design the perfect sheepskin rug for the perfect space.

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We’ve partnered with HGTV Magazine to highlight one of our favorite lambskin cushions. Check out the December 2016 issue of HGTV Magazine and look for our Tibetan Lambskin Kidney Pillow in Cornsilk Blue on page 67!

There’s nothing sexier than a quality black sheepskin fur rug. Super soft and comfy and they come in a variety of configurations. Check out Ultimate Sheepskin’s black sheepskin rugs:

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Sheepskin rugs have been (and still are) being used for their natural softness and higher resistance to wear than many synthetic rugs. Sheepskin rugs can be dyed into several colors without losing their natural beauty and feel. The ivory rugs made of sheepskin are popular in modern urban settings as well as southwest and country decorating. → Read more

Sheepskin area rugs can enhance your home like nothing else. They bring warmth and charm, offer drama or serene comfort. Scroll down to view some amazing rooms using sheepskin area rugs.

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They’ve come a long way since the 70’s. Bean bag chairs have been around for a long time. Having one in your rec room or bedroom in the 70’s was the hit. It was vinyl, probably red or green and always leaked beans….always. You could plop on it and you could feel the air release that floated you down to utter comfort. Well, they’re back. Actually they never left. Bean bag chairs have been around in some incarnation throughout the decades. Whether they’re made from corduroy or denim or the stand by leather or vinyl, they’re here to stay and the latest popularity of bean bag chair has lead it’s way to the softer, even more comfortable (if possible) varieties like sheepskin and faux fur. Certainly sheepskin wins out over faux fur, and here’s why. → Read more