Sheepskin area rugs can enhance your home like nothing else. They bring warmth and charm, offer drama or serene comfort. Scroll down to view some amazing rooms using sheepskin area rugs.

Sheepskin 8 Pelt Rug in Steel
The Fibre by AUSKIN 8 Pelt Sheepskin Area Rug in Steel Gray – Also shown the Fibre by AUSKIN Alpaca Kidney Pillows in Silver Gray and Gold

Sheepskin Bedroom
The Fibre by AUSKIN Tibetan Ivory Lambskin Throw (used on the bed and floor) – Also shown the Fibre by AUSKIN Ivory Alpaca Kidney Pillow, Tibetan Lambskin 20″ Cushion, Fibre by AUSKIN Vole Alpaca Kidney Pillow, Vines Alpaca Throw.

Sheepskin 8 Pelt Area Rug Ivory
The Fibre by AUSKIN 8 Pelt Sheepskin Area Rug in Ivory – Also shown the Fibre by AUSKIN Single Sheepskin Pelt Rug in Ivory.

Vintage 56 Shearling Designer Rug
The Bowron Shearling Designer Sheepskin Rug Vintage 56 in Black – Also shown the Bowron Black Minx Sheepskin Throw.

Ivory 4 Pelt Sheepskin Area Rug
The Fibre by AUSKIN 4 Pelt Ivory Sheepskin Area Rug – Also shown the Fibre by AUSKIN Acid Finished Hair on Cowhide with Metal Band Pillows,  the Fibre by AUSKIN Tibetan Lambskin 16″ Square Throw Pillow.

Zealamb 6 Piece Large Area Rug Black
The Bowron Zealamb 6 Pelt High Traffic Area Rug in Black

Black and white room
The Fibre by AUSKIN 4 Pelt Sheepskin Area Rug in Black – Also shown Black Fabric and Panels of Cowhide Cushions, Fibre by AUSKIN‘s Ivory Alpaca kidney Pillow, and Black Linen Fabric Panel Design on Cowhide Cushions.

Long Wool Straight Edge Sheepskin Rug
he Fibre by AUSKIN Straight Edge Sheepskin Rug – Also shown Dalmation Pillows.

The Bowron 8 Pelt Sheepskin Area Rug in Ivory

Sheepskin Designer Rug Circles
Fibre by AUSKIN Sheepskin’s Shearling Designer Rug Circles in Gray Storm.

Long Wool Oval Sheepskin Area Rug Dark Brown
The Bowron Oval Shaped Sheepskin Area Rug in Dark Brown  – Also shown Bowron’s Black Minx Sheepskin Throw.

Sheepskin Rug Douple Pelt Ivory
The Fibre by AUSKIN 2 Pelt Double Sheepskin Area Rug in Ivory.

Long Wool Sheepskin Area Rug Traverse
The Bowron Long Wool Design Sheepskin Area Rug, Traverse.

Shearling Designer Rug Penny Lane
Bowron’s Shearling Designer Rug, Penny Lane.

The Bowron Sheepskin Shearling Designer Rug Baroque2 Poma